Volunteer WeekendSince the Center’s founding in 1970, the Marianists have relied on volunteer staff for their Family Programs as well as youth retreats and many others. Over the years opportunities to volunteer your time in service of God’s people at the Center have continued to grow.

Volunteers are expected to mature individuals who understand that they are coming to serve as witnesses of God’s love for His people. We often ask volunteers to present on topics such as affirmation, communication, forgiveness and commitment. In addition, volunteers are asked to lead a peer group of either adults, young adults, teens, pre-teens, or superstars.

For a typical family or youth retreat, volunteers are asked to commit for the entire length of the retreat and come prepared for their required presentations.

Our Policies

We require that all staff members be at least 16 years of age, if they come without a parent or legal guardian.

If a parent or legal guardian is present we will allow 15 year olds to staff, provided they are asked by our permanent staff.  There will be no exceptions to these age requirements.

All Volunteer Staff are required to sign a Volunteer Covenant Agreement and attend our Child Protection Training. The Child Protection training will be required each time volunteers are asked to staff a family retreat.

If you wish to be considered for a volunteer staff position, please contact us. We ask that you indicate your date of birth, address, phone number as well as your retreat/volunteer experience(s) here at the Center or elsewhere and in what capacity you wish to serve.