The Society of Mary (Marianists) is an international religious order of brothers and priests. More than 600 Marianists serve in the Province of the United States, which includes Eastern Africa, India, Ireland, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In the United States, Marianists sponsor the University of Dayton in Ohio, St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Chaminade University of Honolulu, 18 high schools, 12 parishes and five retreat centers. Blessed William Joseph Chaminade founded the Society of Mary in 1817. Marianists have had a U.S. presence since they first arrived in Cincinnati in 1849.

The order is distinguished by certain charisms, or gifts given by God for the benefit of the Christian community. These charisms guide all Marianist ministries and programs:

People of faith
As spiritual individuals, Marianists carry out God’s will in their service to others.

Followers of Mary
Marianists view Mary as the model of discipleship. Just as Mary gave birth to Jesus, Marianists seek to bring the presence of Jesus to life within themselves and others.

People of community
Marianists believe that living, praying and supporting one another in community enriches their faith and strengthens their ability to meet world challenges – especially problems associated with poverty and ignorance.

Discipleship of equals
Brothers and priests share equal status within the Society of Mary.

Leaders in mission
The Marianist mission is to bring Christ to the world and to work for the coming of His kingdom.

The Society of Mary is part of the Marianist Family that includes the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, Marianist Sisters; Lay Marianists; and the Alliance Mariale, a secular organization.